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The Six Headed Hydra must be slain. Like the mythical beast of yore, catabolic pathways relentlessly attack gruelingly earned muscle mass from many angles, particularly in dieting, post-cycle situations, and muscle wasting conditions. From the ancient myth of the divine hero Heracles to the modern reality of supplement science, HH6 is a revolutionary, industry defining natural, non-androgenic anti-catabolic. This isn’t putting a Band-Aid on a gash, only to watch it regenerate its destruction anew — HH6 cauterizes with fire. This is not your grandpa’s tired old creatine, glutamine, or BCAA product. This is a brand new way of attacking — a level of innovation that already makes it a living legend.

The Six Heads – Six Pathways for Eliminating the Catabolic Threat

Anti-catabolic stops muscle loss via 6 pathways!

First supplement of its kind that prevents muscle loss

• Anti-Catabolic

•Targets six different pathways by which muscle can be lost when dieting

•Supports  Muscle loss

•Targets Akt, eNOS, TRB3, and PPAR-gamma pathways to limit muscle loss

•Improvies nutritent partitioning to send calories to muscle not fat and increasing lipolysis

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