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Epilean was formulated to increase lean muscle mass while decreasing water retention. It is a comprehensive muscle building and shred stack that helps increase stamina, muscle definition, and overall performance during training. Epiandrosterone, epicatchetin, and arimistane are combined to make this a groundbreaking product.

The key ingredients in this formula help users obtain that ripped, dry look. Let's take a look to see what they help do. Epiandrosterone helps convert to the natural male hormone, DHT. It helps increase size, strength, and lean muscle gains. Epicatechin is an antioxidant that decreases myostatin. Myostatin is responsible for inhibiting muscle growth, so this decreasing is a good thing. Grapefruit extract increases nutrient transportation and absorption. L-carnitine and l-tartrate help increase endurance and nitric oxide levels. Arimistane helps reduce estrogen and anti-myotropic cortisol within the body. It increases definition and vascularity.

A cycle support and PCT is not necessary while taking Epilean.

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