Controlled Labs Orange OxiMega Fish Oil 120 softgels

Controlled Labs

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Citrus Flavor - Fish Oil!

High-Quality EPA/DHA!Very High Potency Nordic Fish Oil!

Orange OxiMega Fish Oil was designed to help you establish a strong, healthful, foundation on which to base your training, diet, and supplementation. Use along with Orange Triad to cover the health-promoting omegas, vitamins, minerals, fruit, vegetables, digestive support, immune support, joint support, and cardiovascular support you're looking for.

Establish a STRONG foundation for maximum gains in the GYM and in LIFE with Orange OxiMega! 

  • Purified EPA/DHA
  • Enteric Coated and Citrus Flavor (No Fish Burps!)
  • Free From Heavy Metals and Other Toxins
  • Vitamin E Fortified To Protect the Fish Oil
  • 100% Nordic Fish Oils

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