Core Nutritionals Agmatine Sulfate 60 servings

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Highest Purity Available

Support Blood flow And Vascularity 

Pump - Vascularity - Expand Agmatine Sulfate has been suggested to help:

 •Increase nitric oxide metabolism.

•Support local bloodflow.

•Act through a novel nitric oxide pathway.

In need of a pump, but bored of all the standard players? There are only so many variations on arginine, after all. If so, Core Nutritionals has you covered. Agmatine sulfate is one of the most interesting, and coveted, supplements to hit the bodybuilding market in years – but it also comes with a massive, very critical catch. And that’s purity. Not all agmatine sulfate is the same, and the purity can vary wildly from product to product. Core Nutritionals has you covered there, too. (Of course we do!). Our Agmatine sulfate has the highest available purity and is manufactured only according to the strictest standards.

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